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Across the country - scores of Cool Toss™ games will be keeping the parties jumping for hours!
Cool Toss is a Patented product.


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"Corn Hole in a Cooler"





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The Big Idea!  How CoolToss™ was born...

Our story starts with a group of friends with a passion for football. Each year, we travel together for a football weekend to watch our favorite NFL team. In the beginning, we traveled to Cincinnati, OH and saw tailgaters playing the game known as “Corn Hole”, tossing corn-filled bags onto boards 20-feet apart. We thought the game was a lot of fun and a great way to spend time with friends and family. We thought, “why not bring this game back to our home towns to share at our next outing.”

Next our football trip took us to Tampa Bay, FL for another NFL match up. The night before the game, we purchased two five gallon buckets at a local bait n’ tackle shop to use for coolers, filling them with beer and ice for tailgating. While tailgating, advertisers were handing out small, soft footballs as promotional items. Given our competitive nature, we started tossing these footballs into our buckets, challenging each other to our own game of toss. To make it more of a game, we decided to place the buckets 20-feet apart and created rules for scoring points. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun and attracted a lot of attention.

Based on this, a few of us had a great idea. “Why not create a game that is both fun and functional?” Our idea has developed into a new and one-of-a-kind (patent-pending) product, called Cool Toss™. Cool Toss™ combines the function of a cooler with the fun of a game.

Finally, we made our idea a reality by developing a product ready for market. With our Cool Toss™ creation in tow, we traveled around the country, visiting San Francisco’s Fleet Week, a Blue Angel’s air show, local taverns and parks, football games in Atlanta, Baltimore, Buffalo and San Francisco, the rodeo in San Antonio and the beaches in Florida, California and Texas. Everywhere we went with Cool Toss™, people asked where they could get their own Cool Toss™. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we know everyone can be a winner with their own Cool Toss™.


Cool Toss™ Game Rules

Click here to download Cool Toss™ Game Rules in PDF format

1. With two Cool Toss™ coolers: place them 20-feet apart. With one Cool Toss™ cooler: place a line marker 20-feet from the front of your cooler.

2. Cool Toss™ can be played as teams or as singles. When playing in teams, two contestants are partnered against another team of two contestants. When playing as singles, a contestant competes against another contestant.

3. With two Cool Toss™ coolers: For team play, a member of each competing team stands at opposite coolers. For individual play, both competitors stand at one of the coolers. With one Cool Toss™ cooler: For team or single’s play, all competitors stand at the line marker.

4. With one or two Cool Toss™ coolers: For team or single’s play, teams/players alternate tossing one Cool Toss™ bag from the same Cool Toss™ cooler or line marker until both players have tossed all their bags. Once all bags have been tossed, scoring is recorded and play continues from the opposite Cool Toss™ cooler or at the line marker with the highest scoring team/player from the last round tossing first.

5. Scoring:

Tossed – if 1 bag lands in each of the 3 holes, your opponent has officially been TOSSED! (Bubba’s Rule)

3 points – if bag lands in either of the two smaller holes

2 points – if bag lands in the largest hole

1 point – if bag lands and stays on the top of Cool Toss™ cooler at the end of round of play

Note: competing players can negate an opposing player’s point for the round of play by also scoring points within the same round

6. How to Win:

Team Play – first team to 15 points wins (must win by 2 points)

Single’s Play – first player to 11 points wins (must win by 2 points)






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